He was born on October 3, 1988 in the Carpathian region of Ukraine, in the village of Sárosoroszi in the Beregszász district.

He had an average, cheerful and cloudless childhood with happy family life. He graduated from primary school in his native village, then graduated from secondary school in Péterfalvi Reformat Liceum in 2006, where he was often threatened with the possibility of being kicked out of school due to his poor learning results.

In 2010, he graduated from the Garden and Landscape Architecture degree program in Ungvár at the College of Fine Arts in Transcarpathia, which was a great success.

From 2011 he moved to Budapest to try his luck, but his luck took him to a gardening and maintenance company, then to car washing and the other casual jobs. Here he met his fellow college colleague Pál Rozgonyi, who graduated in painting and was now engaged in tattooing. 

Through this he got to know this art branch. In 2013, he moved home from Budapest to Transcarpathia. Here he married to Veronika Juhász (born Veronika Imre) and after the birth of their first child (Csenge) and after many unsuccessful jobs he started tattooing. In 2015, they moved back to Budapest where he started working in a tattoo parlor, first in the Dark Dreem Tattoo studio. This year was born his son, Ákos. From 2016 he became a member of the team of Pál Rozgonyi, the Stop Art Tattoo studio.

This year he opened his own studio, where he had tattooed, exhibited and sold his graphite drawings. In 2017, he received a job offer from a German tattoo parlor, the Haut-Nah Tattoo and Peircing studio.
From August of this year he moved to Germany with his family and is still living there.